Things you Should Know about Garage Door Rollers

Most of the garage owners in the country pay less attention to the parts of their garage door. They have a misconception that they will only have to take care of the tracks and the door, but the reality is that all parts of your garage door system are vital and they play a crucial role in maintaining the proper working of the door. This implies tha ... Read more »

How a Broken Garage Door Hinge Affects the Door

Garage door hinges are very important parts of garage doors; they are essential for the proper functioning of the door. Opening the garage door will be much difficult if these hinges were worn out or broken. In addition, broken garage door hinges can result in serious damage to the door itself. This is why it is important to hire a proficient garag ... Read more »

What you Should Know about Garage Door Hinges

Garage door hinges are one of the most important parts of any garage door and if there happens to be any troubles or issues with this unit, you will find it very difficult to operate your garage door. This is because hinges serve the crucial purpose of connecting the various sections of your garage door together and they facilitate the movement of ... Read more »

Choosing the Right Type of Garage Door Opener

For many decades, all the homeowners who were interested in automating their garages just had three options for garage door openers: belt, chain, or screw driven openers. However, things have changed a lot now with the introduction of the residential direct drive and jackshaft model openers. Let us delve into the details of some of the types of ope ... Read more »

Types of Garage Door Openers

Many people find it a bit difficult to identify the perfect garage door opener for their garage door. This is mainly due to the fact that three popular types of garage door openers are available in the market and all three of them are excellent choices. However, if you are ready to do a little research and compare these three types of garage door o ... Read more »

Understand your Garage Door Cables

Garage door cables are one of the important parts of any garage door and are often the common part to fail. Cables can fail due to the door not being opened properly or due to wear and tear. If you find that the cable of your garage door is worn or frayed, it is time to get in touch with the best garage door repair service Santa Ana technician to r ... Read more »

Why you Should Immediately Fix a Broken Garage Door Cable

You might be already aware that your garage door opens and closes with the help of a set of tension cables. When the garage door is operating without any issues, it implies that the springs in the cable assembly are working fine and they are helping the door to move a lot more smoothly. However, if the garage door cables are not in good working con ... Read more »

3 Benefits of Garage Door Weather Seals

Garages are not just a place for parking vehicles but they can also be used as a hobby station, home office, or even gym. A vast majority of garage owners in the country also usually use their garage space as a storage vault for tools, equipment, and other personal belongings. However, no matter what you are doing with your garage, preserving and m ... Read more »