electric gate installation

Getting an automatic gate installation for your residential or commercial property not only increases the security, but it can add monetary and aesthetic value to the property as well. However, most gate installation doesn’t particularly come cheaply, so you will want to make sure that your security gates last you for as many years as possible. In order to maximize the life of your automatic gates and keep operating its best, you will want to prioritize its maintenance. Additionally, you will ensure that your gate is operating as safely as possible. 

Keep Your Electric Gate Clean

Sure you know? Your electric gate system is similar to your car in one specific way – it’s a good idea to keep it washed and waxed regularly. Cleaning your electric gate is perhaps the easiest way to ensure its proper functionality, but it also might be the most underlooked. The gate repair experts here at Garage Doors in My Area recommend that you perform a thorough wash on your gate every six months or so. You can use household detergents on most gates, especially in its early stages of its life. This will keep your gate looking its best, while also maximizing the chances that you will prevent rusting. When washing your gate, be sure to avoid getting any electrical systems wet, because this could cause some damage.

In addition to keeping your gate clean, you will want to stay on top of any animals or insects who next or chew on your gate. These organisms include but are not limited to, rats, birds, squirrels, mice, spiders, lizards, and so on. Of course, what type of creatures will try to call your gate system home naturally depends on where you live. If you are unsure or unable to remove pests and want to do so cruelty-free, call animal/ pest control experts or get in touch with electric gate businesses.

Keep an Eye on Your Automatic Gate

Be sure to perform a thorough visual inspection regularly on your gate in order to observe and identify problems that could arise. The main thing you will want to do as far as inspecting your gate will be to check all of its moving parts – this includes, cables, bolts, and so on. If you have an automatic gate that was recently installed, you know how intricate they can be, and that the common person usually isn’t aware of its internal hardware. It’s always recommended that you contact a gate repair expert before the possible problem becomes one that’s bigger than it should be.

Gate Reverse Function Tests

We recommend that your test the auto-reverse function typically once a month. This depends on if you have a residential or a commercial gate, and how much traffic comes in and out. Also, be sure to keep your gate lubricated to keep it functioning properly. Proper tests, inspections, and lubrication of your gate is a part of a checkup package that is available here at Garage Doors in My Area. Always check with the experts if you are unsure.

While we are talking mostly about automatic gates here in this blog post, most of these tips can also be applied to manual gates as well. Applying these three helpful tips will help keep your gate operating the way it should and avoid any issues. These tips keep your gate safe and secure. Staying on top of these maintenance tips can also prevent it from shutting down entirely. If you need help with your gate maintenance, feel free to contact the experts here at Garage Door in My Area.