Tips For Garage Door Torsion Springs

There will be few pieces of equipment in your home, that are as large or heavy as the garage door, not to mention as hard working. The garage door is put to use every day, and usually, more than once daily, which makes it a point of importance that it should be kept running properly and without any hitches. With the right horsepower setting for the ... Read more »

Reasons for your Garage Door to Malfunction

It can be much frustrating for you when you find that your garage door is not working properly. As residential and commercial garage door service experts, we have dealt with all the issues that can make your garage door malfunction. Below is a list of some of the common reasons for your garage door to malfunction. Dead Transmitter Batteries W ... Read more »

Types of Garage Door Openers

Many people find it a bit difficult to identify the perfect garage door opener for their garage door. This is mainly due to the fact that three popular types of garage door openers are available in the market and all three of them are excellent choices. However, if you are ready to do a little research and compare these three types of garage door o ... Read more »

Garage Door Sensor Fountain Valley

How Does a Garage Door Sensor Work The Federal government has mandated businesses that manufacture garage door sensors to integrate safety measures and devices in order to prevent accidents. As the law was implemented in 1990, many of the garage door and spare parts manufacturers have implemented advanced garage door sensors to comply with the Fed ... Read more »

Checklist for Safety Sensors in Garage Door

Safety sensors are important parts of automatic garage door openers. If you click on the garage door opener remote and it does not open or shut fully, there is a good chance that your sensors are blocked by some object in the path. You need to make sure that the sensor is working fine so that no damages happen to the opener, the garage door, or to ... Read more »