Why Garage Door Sensors Need Proper Maintenance

The safety sensors of your garage door are one of the most important parts of the garage door opener and they play a key role in maintaining the normal working of the garage door. If you identify that your garage door is not fully opening or closing, even after clicking the garage door opener, then it means that the garage door sensor has detected ... Read more »

How Garage Door Sensors Protect you

The federal government mandates companies who produce garage doors to install safety devices such as safety sensors in the garage doors in order to prevent the chances of an accident. After the introduction of this law, most garage door manufacturers in the country installed garage door sensors in their products to comply with the regulations of th ... Read more »

Types of Sensors Used in Garages

Many complex sensors are involved behind the working of all garage doors. These sensors make use of infrared signals or other techniques to let the garage door know what and when to do. There are four different types of sensors, which help in proper functioning of garage doors, and all these sensors are available in garage door sensors Santa Ana st ... Read more »