The Right Time to Change your Garage Door Springs

The garage door in your home is one of the hardest working parts, because you raise and lower it so many times in a week. Many homeowners would even agree to it that the garage door is as indispensable as the front door. The problem with all the heavy lifting though, is wear and tear happening. While many of the parts can break down, the garage doo ... Read more »

Importance of Torsion Springs in a Garage Door System

Torsion springs are very important part of a garage door and help to open and close the door panels easily by taking the weight off the motor. However, gradual wear and tear, together with salt corrosion in the coastal areas, can break these springs, which is oftentimes accompanied by a loud bang. When the torsion spring of the garage becomes we ... Read more »

Is Repairing a Torsion Conversion System Expensive

A torsion spring system assists in supporting the weight of the garage door and offers seamless operation of the door. The system consists of a torsion tube or spring bar mounted on the garage door header that is located on the inside of the garage and the number of springs will depend on the weight of the door. The torsion spring can break due to ... Read more »

Garage Door Torsion Conversions Orange County

Why Hire Experts for Garage Door Torsion Spring Adjustments It is significant to understand that adjusting a garage door torsion spring on your own can be very dangerous and it might even lead to fatal accidents. This is the major reason why it is not recommended to try fixing any garage door issues on your own. Instead, get in touch with expert ... Read more »

Garage Door Torsion Conversion Newport Beach

Torsion Conversion for Garage Doors Torsion springs are an important part of your garage door that help in easy and smooth movement of the garage door. The garage door torsion conversion Newport Beach tips shared below will help you understand more on the type of springs used in garage door torsion conversion system. There are two types of sp ... Read more »