You might be having a manual or automatic garage door and it is quite natural for you to expect the door to open and close all the times without any issues. This is why, not many of us give much thought to the mechanism and working of the garage door cables and springs in raising and lowering the garage door until the door stops working properly.

Garage door cables play a very significant role in the proper working of the door. These cables will be attached to the brackets provided at the bottom of the garage door on each side, and they work together with the garage door springs to lift and lower the door as required.

We should never expect the garage door cables to work in their prime condition always. It is true that the cables are much resilient and dependable but they will not last forever. When the cable is unable to support the weight of the door or if it is broken, the garage door will lean to the side where the cable is broken or jammed. If the garage door is not operating properly or is not working at all, this can lead to many inconvenient situations and even hazardous accidents.

So, if you find that the cable of your garage door is broken, you can get a replacement one from garage door cables Fountain Valley stores. Nevertheless, you will need to seek help of the best garage door repair service Fountain Valley technician to replace it and fix the issue as early as possible.

Causes of Broken Garage Door Cables

There can be many things, which can lead to broken garage door cables. The common causes include:

  • Normal wear and tear due to aging;
  • Lack of proper and regular maintenance;
  • Bent tracks that make the garage door to bang or catch, rather than rolling;
  • Items like brooms or ice buildup jamming the tracks of the garage door;
  • Use of drums and springs of incorrect specification;
  • Use of the wrong type of garage door cable; and
  • Wrongly done garage door springs tension adjustment.

These are some of the most common causes of broken garage door cables. A garage door cable can also break when the garage door spring snaps. If you find that your garage door is not working properly, get in touch with technicians who deal with garage door cables Fountain Valley to find the exact cause of the issue and fix it as soon as possible.