Why Hire Experts for Replacing Garage Door Cables

Working with garage doors and its parts is extremely dangerous and you should take all the security measure to avoid any accidents. Safety should be your primary concern, even if you are doing a simple replacement of a garage door par. In fact, you should never proceed with the replacement of garage door cables if you do not feel comfortable with working around them.

The size of the garage door cable to be used depends on the size of the door. For instance, if the door is seven feet tall, you will need to use a cable of around 8 ft. 6 in. length. You can have replacement garage door cables from garage door cables Costa Mesa stores, and seek help from professional garage door repair technicians to have them replaced efficiently.

Replacing the Garage Door Cables

The technician will be equipped with tools necessary for the task, such as locking pliers, winding bars, replacement cables, sockets, wrenches, gloves, ratchet stepping ladder, and safety glasses. The garage door repair expert will then unplug and disengage the door opener by pulling the emergency release handle. This will allow to open and close the door manually.

After that, the technician will open the door and place a vice grip below the bottom roller on both the sides to hold the door open to change the cables. Then the professional will move to center of the door and loosen the screws on springs with ¼ turns, making sure that winding bars are fully inserted and both the bars are used simultaneously, to prevent injury.

Experts say that unwinding the spring until all tension is removed is essential for replacing the garage door cables. Professional garage door repairers would also loosen the set screws on cable drum, and remove it along with the bottom lag screw from jamb bracket. Then the bottom bracket and the old cable will be removed, and the new cable will be installed in the bracket, threading it up to the drum.

The garage door technician will then insert the cable into the slot of drum, making sure that the cable does not overlap, and wind the cable into the drum, followed by sliding the drum to the bearing plate. Then the drum will be turned counter-clockwise until the cable is stretched tight.

These are the steps to replace the cables in your garage door. As the process is very difficult and complex, it is always better to leave the work to the experts at the best garage door repair service Costa Mesa. Besides, hiring an expert not only makes sure that the work is done effectively, but also ensures that your garage door is in good working condition, always.