Your garage door is more complex than you think. With many moving parts that are under high pressure, it will not be easy to troubleshoot and fix issues with garage doors all by your own. Garage door parts like cables, springs, and openers need timely inspection and maintenance, especially garage door cables, as they are used to control the motion and tension of the door, working together with the garage door springs.

It is very common for the garage door cables to fray or break, leaving the garage door stuck and useless. You can be sure that your garage door needs new springs or cables when you find it opening halfway or hanging at an angle while you try to open it.

You should never try to fix the problem though, unless you thoroughly know what you are doing. Trying to replace garage door cables or springs involves much danger, so it would be wiser to seek help from professionals who have good experience in replacing garage door cables Newport Beach.

Garage Door Cable Types

Garage door cables are available in many different types and the first step is to find the type of cable that is used in your garage door. Three different types of garage door cables are available in the market.

Torsion Cables

These cables are attached to the bottom of the garage door. One end of the cable will have a loop and the other will have a crimped stop. Torsion cables should be wound up in a way to make it secured, and the length of the cable to be used depends on the height of your garage door.

Extension Spring Door Cables

These cables are used in garage doors with springs located at the side of the track. The popularity of such garage door cables in Newport Beach is quite high due to its ease of repair and maintenance.

Safety Cables

These are the cables used along with extension spring systems. These garage door cables are used to prevent damage or injury when the garage door springs fail. The cable is attached to each end of the garage door and runs through the center of the springs. The cable will contain the spring in event of spring failure or breakage.

These are some of the different types of garage door cables. If you think that your garage door is not working properly, get it inspected by the best garage door repair service Newport Beach. Professional technicians would figure out the garage door cable issues in minutes, and do the necessary repairs.