Many of us have encountered problems or issues with the garage door at least once in our life. Garage door problems might happen due to a number of factors including the non-alignment of tracks, transmitter malfunction, broken springs, broken cables, and a lot more.

When you encounter such an issue, it is wiser to contact the best garage door repair service in Orange County and make sure that all the parts of your garage door are in good condition. Besides, if you try to solve any garage door issue without seeking help from a professional technician, then you might end up hurting yourself.

Garage door cables problem are very common these days, and experts have to regularly deal with many issues with garage door cables Orange County. However, with lot of experience in handling garage door cable issues, professionals know how to easily detect the problem and find an effective solution to fix the same. Here is how professional garage door technicians fix issues or problems with garage door cables.

Inspect the Tracks

Metal tracks are placed on either sides of the garage door to help them open and close. Garage door technicians will initially assess the condition of the metal tracks and check for the presence of any external objects, which is capable of preventing the opening and closing of your garage door. If there are any external objects interfering with the metal tracks, then they will carefully remove the object and fix the issue.

Test the Cables

Garage door technicians will disable the automatic opener after completely opening your garage door in order to test the cables. Then the technician will carefully move the garage door manually along the tracks present on the either side of the door. If it seems difficult to move the door manually, then it is almost certain that your garage door cables are not working properly. The garage door repair service will then fix or replace the cables to solve the problem.

Replacing Cables

The best garage door repair service Orange County would instantly notify you and advise you to replace your garage door cables, if there are any signs of wearing out or damages in them. Garage door technicians will carefully remove the old ones and replace them with new garage door cables to fix the issue. Apart from that, a regular inspection of your garage door cables in Orange County is also offered by the best service providers in order to prevent any potential issues.