Garage door cables are one of the important parts of any garage door and are often the common part to fail. Cables can fail due to the door not being opened properly or due to wear and tear. If you find that the cable of your garage door is worn or frayed, it is time to get in touch with the best garage door repair service Santa Ana technician to replace the cables before they snap and cause accidents.

Garage door cables are of utmost importance to ensure the proper working of any garage door. These cables are made of metal and are meant to be really strong and flexible, as these cables are repeatedly pulled and lowered with a pulley system when the garage door opens and closes. Therefore, if the cable of your garage door is broken or faulty, the door will not work properly.

What can Go Wrong with Garage Door Cables

A number of things can go wrong with the garage door cables. Some of the garage door cables are known to get wound on the drum incorrectly to make the door jammed or droop on a side. Cables can also get unwound from the cable drum and they need to be properly reconnected to the drum. The pulleys can also wear out sometimes, and when the pulleys are worn out, the cable will not slip through smoothly, making the door cocked to a side or stuck. In such situations, the pulleys need to be replaced.

Remember, garage door cables experience wear and tear with use like any other part of the garage door. With continuous use, garage door cables can weaken and snap. Additionally, cables can also break due to rust. Rusting can lead to corrosion of the cable, eventually leading to snapping of the cable. So no matter what the cause of a broken garage door cable is, you will need to get the cable replaced by a good quality cable with the help of experts who deal with garage door cables Santa Ana.

Prevent Breakage of Garage Door Cable

You can do a little preventive maintenance on garage door cables to extend its life. It will be a good practice to observe the garage door cable for kinks and fraying. Do not forget to inspect the pulleys, as they can also wear out with continuous use. If you find a fraying in the cable, you need to follow the path of the cable to find the cause of the damage. Usually, some part of the system might be sticking out which is causing the damage to the cable. Repairing that will fix the issue.

It is also important to keep the cables clean to ensure its health and longevity. Remove any dirt and debris from the garage door cables and keep it clean always. Moreover, make sure to keep the cable free of any grease or lubricants as it can attract grime and dirt, which can cause issues with the proper working of the cable.