Garage door hinges are very important parts of garage doors; they are essential for the proper functioning of the door. Opening the garage door will be much difficult if these hinges were worn out or broken. In addition, broken garage door hinges can result in serious damage to the door itself. This is why it is important to hire a proficient garage door hinges Santa Ana technician to inspect the hinges of your garage door.

What Leads to Garage Door Hinges Breakage

Garage door hinges are subject to great stress every time you open or close the door. As per the best garage door repair service Santa Ana technicians, the perfect hinge that is capable of coping up with the heavy stress is the full size garage door hinge that is made of heavy steel.

Experts claim that these hinges can last for about ten to fifteen years if maintained properly and repaired at regular intervals. Note that garage door hinges made from thin materials can be cheap at the initial stage, but they will not hold up as long as the quality hinges made from heavy materials would.

Signs of Trouble

A missing or a wobbly screw can be the first sign of trouble in garage door hinges. This may seem to be a very simple problem for you but can lead to more problems if not fixed in time. The reason for the screws becoming loose is that the metal plate to which the screws fit into might have deteriorated. If you or the garage door technician finds that the deterioration of the plates is the reason for the screws to be loosened, a temporary fix can be replacing the screws with nut and bolt.

Other signs of trouble can be cracked or bent hinges, or damage due to impact. In addition, corrosion and rusting can also lead to deterioration of garage door hinges, especially when the hinges are exposed to unusually salty or damp air.

Potential Damages to Garage Doors from Deteriorated Hinges

If you find that the hinges of your garage door are broken, rusted, or damaged, you will need to stop using the door until the problem is fixed by the best garage door repair service in Santa Ana. Otherwise, you will end up causing serious damage to the garage door and its other parts.

Remember that the guide tracks or panels of doors can get deformed due to broken hinges. So the longer you wait to replace or repair the broken garage door hinges, the more likely you are to end up needing an expensive service call.