Replacing Worn Out Garage Door Hinges

Garage door hinges pay a crucial role in offering structural integrity to the door. These hinges can be compared to the ligaments of our body that connect and hold the bones together. It is important to perform an inspection of the garage door hinges for stress cracks and fractures at least every six months. You can hire the services of the best garage door repair service Fountain Valley to do the inspection.

If you notice a popping or cracking sound when you open or close the garage door, it could be a sign that the hinges of your garage door are damaged and need to be replaced. While replacing the hinges, you need to ensure that you or the repair technician is not using the wrong hinges, as using improper hinges can lead to more problems and might even pose safety risks. This is why it is important to seek the help of an expert service technician, who deals with garage door hinges Fountain Valley.

Using wrong hinges can also lead to the appearance of gaps on the sides of the garage door making the door to rub against the door jams. This will not allow the door to open and close smoothly, making the garage door rollers to bind in the roller tracks. In long run, this can cause severe damages to the garage door panel and the opener.

Another important point that you need to understand is that not all the hinges used on your garage door are the same. The hinges that are placed on the right and left-hand sides of the sectional roll up garage door are different from the others.

The hinges that are placed on the sides of the door will get gradually bigger as you go up the door and these hinges are numbered to avoid confusion. The number one hinge will be always placed at the bottom of the door and then the number 2 and so on. Garage door hinges on the sides of the door will have two slots to accommodate the roller. However, the number one hinge will have only one slot and the other ones will have two slots.

The slight change in the size of hinges is to offer space for the garage door to move back freely as it opens, so as to avoid dragging the door against the opening. If the rollers are not put in the right slots in the hinges, then it will affect the smooth working of the hinges.

Now you may have understood that replacing the hinges of your garage door roller is not an easy task. It will be better for you to get the help of the best garage door repair service Fountain Valley to replace the hinges. You can get the replacement hinges from any of the garage door hinges Fountain Valley stores, but make sure to get the right ones when exploring the options.