Why Garage Door Hinges are Common Trouble Areas

It is often reported that the hinges are one of the common areas of trouble for any type of garage doors. Hinges play a crucial role in the closing and opening functions of the garage doors and the wearing out or breaking of these parts might make it impossible for you to open the garage door.

If you encounter any such problems, then you should immediately contact experts who deal with garage door hinges Orange County, rather than trying to fix the issue yourself. The expert technicians will perform a careful inspection of your garage door hinges and look for wear and tear or damages. If they detect any issues, they will fix the same or replace the garage door hinges, if necessary.

Common Issues with Garage Door Hinges

Garage door hinges experience enormous stress during the opening and closing of the garage door. If the door is tweaked in a few spots or not operated according to the specs, then there is an additional stress on these hinges. An unintentional tap from your car might also cause the garage door hinges to tweak and gradually break.

The average lifetime of most of the garage door hinges is estimated to be about 5 years. However, if you prefer to use a heavy duty manufactured steel hinge, then it might last for approximately 12 years. Best garage door repair service Orange County highly advises customers not to settle for decorative hinges, as they are usually manufactured from cheap low-end steel materials, and might not last long.

Signs of Garage Door Hinges Issues

Missing screws or loosened screws on your hinges are some of the common signs that indicate your garage door hinge is not working properly or it needs to be repaired immediately. Sometimes, the metal plate, which is designed to hold the screws into, might have worn out, and this can cause serious damages to your garage door. So, make sure to conduct regular inspection of garage doors hinges Orange County and look for these signs.

In majority of the cases, minor repairs on garage door hinges are only required, but there are several instances, where professional repair technicians had to replace an entire garage door in order to ensure the safety of the user and to prevent future problems. No matter what, it is wiser to stop using your garage doors, until the best garage door repair service Orange County has fixed the issue.