There’s nothing worse than getting in your car, all set to go and the garage door fails to open. Does that sound familiar? If you’re tired of fumbling with your garage door just to get it to work properly, it’s time to seek professional help. Our experienced technicians have years of experience in garage door maintenance in Cypress.

Three Reasons Why Garage Doors Malfunction
Often, we don’t realize the true value of things until we don’t have them anymore. The same is true when it comes to our garage door systems. While there are a number of reasons they can malfunction here are some of the most common reasons they stop working.

  • All garage door systems will experience wear and tear. Constant opening and closing of the door especially when it’s not necessary can weaken the cables and the springs. When the torsion spring breaks on a garage door it’s important for your safety to never attempt to lift the door. Usually, when the torsion spring breaks the cables will snap as well which can cause damage to your vehicle or the interior of the garage? In extreme cases like this it’s imperative to let our skilled garage door maintenance Cypress experts provide assistance.
  • The weather can also have a big impact on your garage door. The durability of the garage door can depend upon the materials it’s made from and the style. The weather elements can cause discoloration and the paint to chip which affects the overall appearance of your home.
  • Most garage doors that are a couple of decades old can experience of host of issues that prevents it from working properly. For instance, older garage doors have a photo eye that’s able to detect if an object is in the way of the door lifting and lowering. Over time this photo eye can become distorted which prevents the door from opening and closing properly. Also, in older garage systems the sensitivity tends to be off.

New Garage Door Installation Cypress

For old garage door systems we suggest a modernized garage door installation for Cypress homes. This will save you money and time. Contact our agents today to set up an initial consultation to discuss your options.

We are a full service garage door installation and maintenance company. Our technicians are specially trained to:

  • Closely inspect garage door systems for problems
  • Install new garage doors
  • Provide care instructions for garaging systems