Many people see it as impractical waiting to have their entire garage door spring open each time someone wants to enter the space. Not only is this inconvenient, it is also unsafe on a few counts. One of the best ways to get around this is by installing a pedestrian door, which is built into the garage door so that a visitor can enter by opening just this. You see this a lot among ‘mews’ style properties.

Most people use their garages for multiple things apart from storing a vehicle, which means a contemporary solution such as a pedestrian door can be really beneficial, as long as one takes care to ensure maximum insulation, security, and weather sealing. There are many pedestrian door options available in the market these days, based on material, size, and the type of mechanism. It is also wise to consider how often each would require you to pay for garage door repair.

While many garages have alternate entrances, these are rarely practical to use on a regular basis, out of a verity of reasons including their location. Pedestrian doors, on the other hand, make things a lot easier in the following ways.

  • A key to the lock lets you enter the garage.
  • The rest of the garage door need not be moved, which has the benefit of blocking the contents of the garage from the view of passersby.
  • A pedestrian door usually swings to the outside, which means people would not place obstructions in front of it. A normal garage door would get you no such consideration from neighbors, making it hard to bring the car out.
  • A pedestrian door economizes space, allowing more of it to be used by the owner.
  • If the power goes out while you are in the garage, and you want to step outside, this door lets you do that, even though the garage door itself would not open until the power came back on.

A pedestrian garage door brings a significant amount of safety in that no potential intruder can get in without standing smack in the middle of the driveway. Opening towards the outside, it gets closed by any application of force from that direction. Breaking in through it would require the use of necessary tools, which would alert the neighbors or at least get caught on camera or trigger the home security alarm. In fact, traditional entry doors work in the exact opposite way, making them the weakest link in the proverbial chain of your home’s security.