Winter is the time when several mechanical devices undergo breakdown as the cold weather can interfere with their operations. Garage doors have many mechanical parts that are highly exposed to the external elements during winter. It can result in a host of issues to develop in the doors that prevents them from functioning properly. In fact, cold weather can cause even basic components of a garage door to fail thus causing a malfunctioning of the entire unit.

Proper maintenance is vital for garage doors during winter. Carrying out such maintenance and emergency door repair ensures that they are functioning perfectly during the season. Periodic maintenance of garage doors during winter will help in extending the lifespan of the doors and ensure their efficient operation in any kind of weather conditions. Some of the essential winter maintenance tips for garage doors are described below.

Inspect Moving Parts

The moving parts can become more prone to malfunctioning when exposed to the cold weather during winter. Due to this, it is important to carry out a detailed inspection of the moving parts. In case any grease buildup is found in the tracks and rollers, carefully remove it with a cloth. Moreover, do not attempt to tamper or adjust the torsion springs or cables, as it can result in the door to malfunction while also causing physical harm. Ensure that the garage door sensors are lined up properly with no objects blocking their path.

Check the Weather Stripping

The weather stripping at the bottom of the garage door should be routinely cleaned. After cleaning, inspect the weather stripping to identify any defects such as tears, cracks, wears, missing pieces or areas that have loosely attached stripping. It is important to keep the weather sealing intact as it plays a crucial role in preventing the weather elements to enter inside the garage.

Cleaning the Exteriors

Cleaning the exterior surfaces of garage doors is one of the best ways to protect them from external conditions. Using household cleaning products is recommended for cleaning garage doors. It will help eliminate any debris or dust buildup on the exteriors of the garage door thus preventing damage in the form of rust and blocked hinges.

Clean and Replace the Windows

Clean the windows using a damp cloth and ensure that sealing around them is intact. If any cracks are found, replace it with fresh sealing to prevent any weather elements from entering the garage. Moreover, replace any damaged windows immediately and apply proper sealing after installing.

Replace Depleted Remote Control Batteries

For garage doors with remote control, malfunctioning is caused due to depletion of the batteries. Check whether the batteries hold sufficient charge and replace them if they are depleted. This will ensure proper operation of the garage doors using the remote control.