Selecting a Garage Door Opener

Choosing a garage door opener can be a little bit tricky or confusing process for many. This is mainly due to the fact that there are three excellent types of garage door openers available in the market. Therefore, having a clear and proper knowledge on the different types of garage door openers is crucial because it will help you select the right one for your garage door.

The first and most important thing to do after you decide to replace the old garage door openers of your house is to seek the help of experts who deal with garage door openers Huntington Beach and ask them to fix the issue with your garage door openers. We highly recommend you to not to try replacing the garage door openers on your own, as it can result in serious injuries. Below are a few things that you should know about the three types of residential garage door openers.

Chain Drive

Chain driven garage door openers are the most common type of residential garage door opener. This opener implements the use of a chain to push or pull a trolley, which moves your garage door up and down. Chain drives are extremely reliable and affordable, but the downfall is that chain driven garage door openers can be a little bit noisy.

Belt Drive

Most of the belt driven garage door openers use a belt rather than a chain to move the garage door up and down. Belt driven garage door openers are less noisy when compared to chain driven openers, which makes them a perfect choice for attached garages. However, it is significant to note that belt driven garage doors can be a bit expensive sometimes.

Screw Drive

This type of garage door openers rotates a steel rod for moving the trolley, which closes and opens the garage door. One of the major advantages of choosing screw driven garage door openers is that they require less maintenance as they have lesser number of components. However, the downside with screw driven garage door openers is that they are a little bit more noisier than belt drive.

If you are not able to select the right type of garage door openers, then it would be wiser to get in touch with the best garage door repair service Huntington Beach, as they will help you make the right decision. Moreover, such professionals can help you install the garage door opener properly and in no time.