Garage door springs are vital components of garage door systems. The winding and unwinding action of these springs assists in lifting and closing the heavy doors of the garage. Malfunctioning of the springs can result in doors being unable to open or being stuck halfway while opening. This can present itself with a host of safety issues pertaining to the heavy weight of the garage door.

In the case of broken garage door springs, replacing them on your own must necessarily be avoided. The door springs are tightly wound and have immense energy stored in them that makes them very hazardous to work with. The springs require utmost care and precaution while handling them for repairs. This is why it is important to hire a professional from garage door springs Fountain Valley repair services.

In the process of hiring a garage door spring repairing service, it will be rewarding to have a proper understanding of the working of garage door springs. They are of two types: Torsion and Extension springs. Since they are wound tightly, the energy stored in them is very large, which helps them to effortlessly lift the heavy garage doors. These springs can break under the immense stress, which can cause serious life-threatening injuries for a person standing nearby the door.

Do-It-Yourself repairs on garage door springs should be avoided at all costs due to the above reasons. Only minor amounts of repairs can be done on the springs by the homeowner. This includes lubricating a noisy spring, as there is no touching involved with the spring surface. Application of a silicone lubricant can solve the problem of noisy springs, but if the noise persists, it is time to hire the services of a professional garage door repair technician.

The following are some major reasons for hiring a professional service to repair and replace garage door springs.

  • Professional spring repair services have the necessary tools and equipment to carry out the repair works easily. This enables them to take the most accurate measurements and cut the spring appropriately.
  • Installation of these springs requires considerable effort. A professional spring repair service has the proper tools at their disposal for effectively installing the door springs at its right tension.
  • Professional technicians have in-depth knowledge of the safety hazards related to working with garage door springs. They take all the necessary precautions in repairing the springs thereby avoiding any accidents.
  • A proper winding of the torsion springs is necessary for it to function effectively. The best garage door repair service Fountain Valley uses advanced machinery to safely and effectively wind these springs.