How to Inspect Garage Door Openers

Servicing and repairing garage doors is not an easy task and much care should be taken while working with them. Garage door openers are an important part of the garage doors that ensure problem free opening and closing of the door. If you feel that the opener of your garage door is not working properly, you should get help from experts who deal with garage door openers Costa Mesa to find and fix the issue. The steps that will be done by the technician while inspecting the garage door are explained below.

Checking if All the Parts are Working

The technician will check the springs of the garage door and replace broken ones. The garage door repair expert will also see if the door is opening slowly or is making lot of noise while opening or closing. If any of these problems is experienced, then the issue might not be with the opener. Instead, it can be the broken brackets and rollers causing the problem.

Testing the Door Balance

To check the balance of the door, the technician will close the door and pull the emergency release cord. After that, the door will be lifted halfway up and released. If the weight of the door is balanced, the door should not move. If it moves up or down on its own, then the torsion spring needs to be adjusted, else the door opener will need to strain hard, leading to early wear out.

Choosing the Proper Opener

If the technician finds that the opener of your garage door is faulty, he will replace it with a proper one. A 1/3 HP or ½ HP opener will be enough for a home garage door. ½ HP will be good for a double door garage and ¾ HP for a door that is made of wood or faux wood.

Moreover, you should understand that garage door openers have a set opening speed. So installing an opener with a higher power will not open your garage fast. Different openers make use of different mechanisms and the garage door repair technician will help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you contact the best garage door repair service Costa Mesa, the garage door repair experts will place the opener on a ladder and use scrap wood to reach the height that is needed. The ladder will hold the opener in position while the technician can align the opener properly and fix it permanently.