Only a few simple mechanisms are used in garage door openers, and in most cases, they last for a very long time. It is important to conduct regular inspection of garage door openers and make sure they are in good working condition. If you encounter any problems or issue related to garage door openers, then it is wiser to contact experts who deal with garage door openers Orange County and have it checked.

There are many good reasons to replace your garage door openers even if they are working accurately. A newer model significantly increases your security, safety, and convenience. Make sure to replace your garage door opener in each of the following scenarios.

Safety Reversal

A safety reverse mechanism is equipped in all garage door openers since the year 1993. This safety feature uses two sensors, which are placed above the floor and on both sides of the garage door. If the light beam created by these two sensors detects the movement of any object while closing the garage door, then your garage door will immediately stop from closing and stay open. So, it is important to replace your garage door opener, if the safety reversing mechanism is not installed or is not working properly.

Noise Control

If your garage door is making too much noise while opening or closing, then it is highly recommended to either replace your garage door or replace the chain drive unit. A chain drive unit is used for the opening and closing of your garage door and it might be the reason for the loud noises you are hearing while opening and closing your garage. Contact the best garage door repair service Orange County and have them look at your garage door opener to evaluate it or to replace it, if necessary.


The remote control features of older garage door openers were functioned through a fixed code. This made them vulnerable to thieves. Anyone with a special device could easily find the code and operate your garage door opener. However, the new openers use an innovative feature called as the “rolling code” feature, which alters your code while using the unit, and ensures that no one will break the code and enter into your garage when you are away. Contact the best garage door repair service Orange County, Garage Door in My Area and have us install this feature for more security to your home and to your family.