Garage door comes in four basic types:

Swing up, swing out, slide to the side, or roll up. Carriage doors that swing out or barn doors that slide are a good choice if you desire to keep clear the ceiling, or you want a unique look. Other than this, most popular door is the roll up sectional door.

Before buying a roll up door, take measurements of the space between the uppermost region of the door and the ceiling framing. The standard tracks require headroom of around 14 inches. If not possible, you can opt for a low headroom track, which has a minimum price of $100. Check out garage door installation in Huntington Beach.

Next task is to choose the right style. You may require swing out doors typical of old craftsmen homes if you are living in a craftsman bungalow. Modern roll up doors are made in the fashion of old swing doors featuring faux strap hinges on one side and handles pair next to a deep central groove.

Some styles have glass panels in the top row, which looks attractive from the road and brings in light to the garage. For a modern look, one can find roll-up doors with frosted plastic and shatterproof glass in the entire panels.

Common garage door materials are:

Wood:  It is charming and authentic and can be difficult to imitate. They can be made locally in the required size and they endure bumps from basketballs. But, particularly, if you live in a   humid climate, the door will require frequent re polishing and repainting. Price of wood door ranges from moderate to expensive, depending one whether they are made of foam or plywood or hardwood like cedar, redwood, or mahogany. But they carry a short warranty period.

Steel: Metal is preferable to wood as it is comparatively low maintenance. Steel is the front runner as it is tough, yet inexpensive. But steel also needs care as it can rust or dent easily. Minimize damage by choosing doors that feature 24-25 gauge panels as opposed to 27-28 panels. Or go in for a steel door in inlaid with fiberglass, which does not dent or rust.

Aluminum: Cheap aluminum doors have been swapped with sturdy versions with extruded frames that are heavy duty and laminated panels that are dent resistant. They are a great choice as they are dent and rust proof.

These are some of the choices available in most places including garage door installation in Fountain Valley. If you are confused what to opt for, seek expert advice.