A garage is one of the most significant parts of a house. It is used to store one’s vehicles, hardware tools, and the other miscellaneous items. When it comes to a garage, the garage door is vital as it dictates the look, functionality, and safety of the garage.

Garage doors are available in different styles and functions, which may leave you, spoilt for choice. Check out garage door installation in Garden Grove. The following are the types of garage doors and how to select one that suits your need:

  • Canopy: This common garage door folds up to the ceiling of the garage. It remains straight and is one of the cheapest types of garage doors found in the market. A demerit of canopy is that the arc for swing-up of the door is stationed outside the garage, partially. This implies that you must park your vehicle several feet in front of the garage, to be safe from being hit by the garage door, while opening it.
  • Sectional: It is the reverse of the Canopy door. This door is constructed out of six to eight panels and folds up into the ceiling, sectionally. It is a good looking and non intrusive type of technology because of its capability to fold up and go all the way on top. It is popular and generally people find it easy to install even by them.
  • Roller: These garage doors feature roll up doors, mainly made of corrugated steel. These are made of many small sections joined to a single large section. Usually, a single door roller garage door will feature a preloaded spring within the rolling mechanism.  While being used for commercial purposes, this door is operated by a manual pulley system. These doors leave one with a lot of space to park the car in the drive way as it does not open outwards.
  • Swing: This is a typical traditional door that opens and closes like a normal door. It is hinged to the opening of the garage door. These types of doors need large amount of space in front to open out to give entry to the vehicle. These doors are not suitable for short or narrow drive ways precisely because of this reason.

Garage door installation in Newport Beach helps you to design the look of your garage. Don’t hesitate to consider various traditional and non traditional options like wood.