Which is the Best Garage Door Roller to Use

Rollers are an important part of garage doors and they are essential to ensure proper and noise-free working of the garage doors. However, these rollers can get damaged due to continuous use and they need to be inspected and replaced on time to make sure that the garage door is working properly.

Technicians that deal with garage door roller Costa Mesa say that there are four different types of garage door rollers. All these rollers will have a steel stem with wheels attached to one end of the stem. The difference in these rollers lies in the wheels.

The roller wheels may be made of plastic, nylon, or steel. Plastic rollers are the cheapest option and plastic wheels will be fitted to one end of the stem. In addition, ball bearings are not used in plastic rollers. On the other hand, steel rollers are available with ball bearings as well as without ball bearings.

The nylon rollers are very similar to a roller blade wheel or a skateboard wheel. The roller wheels are made of the same material that is used to make roller blade wheels and always use a ball bearing system.

If the rollers used in your garage door use ball bearings, they will need lubrication and maintenance at least once in a year. Note that garage door rollers that do not use ball bearings will be damaged faster than the ones with ball bearings. It will be better if you can get help from the best garage door repair service Costa Mesa to inspect and repair the rollers in your garage door.

Apparently, plastic rollers tend to break apart with age and using rollers made of plastic in a steel track system will lead to increased wear of plastic over time. The plastic wheels of the rollers will get smaller and may pop out of the track, posing safety hazards and issues with proper functioning of the garage door.

Rollers made from steel are good, but those steel rollers without ball bearings may come apart with continuous use. In the opinion of the garage door roller Costa Mesa technicians, nylon wheels with ball bearings are the best to use, as the ball bearing offers increased life to the roller and the nylon wheels roll quietly in the garage door tracks. Experts say that nylon ball bearing rollers will offer you 5,000 extra cycles than the plastic rollers.