Torsion Conversion Springs for Garage Doors

Garage doors usually make use of six different ways to balance the weight of the door so that the person opening it will not have to dead lift the complete weight of the door. However, only two types of torsion conversions are popularly used in Costa Mesa – Torque Masters and Torsion Conversion. Garage door in my area offers efficient repair and replacement of torsion conversion springs. Let us look into the details of these two popular types of torsion conversion systems.

Torque Masters is a product that is offered by Wayne Dalton and it offers a clean look to the garage door, as the torsion springs that do the lifting are hidden inside a galvanized tube. The tube has a diameter of one inch and will be placed above the garage door.

Torsion spring systems are very common than any other systems in the Costa Mesa area because they are extremely versatile. A typical torsion spring system will include drums, cables, center plate, end plate, center bearing, torsion tube, and torsion spring or springs. Each of the spring will be wound and will lift a different weight depending on the size and load handling capacity of the spring.

Torsion springs are available in different gauges of wire, lengths, and internal diameters depending on the application of the spring. Heavy garage doors will need spring that has good load handling capacity. The wire gauge of the spring is the thickness of the wire that is used to make the spring and a myriad of sizes are available for varying residential applications.

The most commonly used ones are of the size 0.192, 0.207, 0.218, 0.234, 0.243, 0.250, 0.262, 0.273, and 0.283. The size of the wire used in making the spring increases as the value gets close to the number 1. The thicker the wire used in making the spring, the more will be its load handling capacity.

Garage door torsion conversions Costa Mesa stores offer springs of all gauge sizes and diameter. If you find that your garage door is too slow to open, it will be good to get is inspected by the best garage door repair service Costa Mesa technician, as a broken torsion spring may be the culprit here, and it could lead to serious issues if left unattended.