A garage is a huge investment, contributing to the functionality and good looks of your home. The condition, style and color of the door add to the curb appeal of your home.

When choosing garage door, first consider how you will use it- only for storage or as a play are also.

Here are a few factors to consider while shopping for garage doors:

  • Size of Garage door: The first criterion is to determine the size of door you need. They are able to fit any size of opening. Just take measurements of the opening for your door.
  • Garage door styles: The style of the garage door must complement the exterior of the rest of the home. Window panels and windows enhance the beauty of garage doors. Double paned windows let the light in but keep out cold and hot climate.
  • The next choice is panel design.

There are four types of panels to choose from:

  1. Flush panel- they are flat, lightly textured panels, which can complement the adjacent walls discretely.
  2. Long raised panels: give distinction and depth to the door.
  3. Short raised panels: Also give depth to doors and are ideal for Victorian homes, colonial style homes, and Tudor style homes.
  4. Painted panels add style to raised, plain panels when contrasting color is painted on its sloping portion.

Construction of garage doors: Most garage doors are made of steel or wood. Wood garages are really versatile. They are found in raised panel, standard designs as well as ornate styles of 19th and 18th centuries. They originate from different species of trees. Steel doors are inexpensive compared to wood doors and are more popular. They are manufactured in different colors.

Steel doors come in three types: Single layer, double layer and Triple layer. Layers are built by adding synthetic materials like polyurethane to the base layer of galvanised steel.

Garages are increasingly being used as extensions of living spaces. Services like garage door maintenance in Irvine give testimony to the use of garages as workshops; children’s play areas, laundry room, hobby room, etc. Hence, insulation and energy efficiency are vital for the garage. A garage door must ensure maximum insulation.

For good insulation, search for a door featuring R-Value of minimum 3 in temperate to moderate climates. In harsher climates, look for R-values touching 10. There must be weather seals between sections. Bottom seal is also desirable. These are provided by efficient services like garage door maintenance in Cypress to meet your needs.