It is hard to deny the fact that most homeowners take their garage doors for granted. That is why, they fail to regularly inspect and clean the door, yet expect it to function flawlessly for decades. However, professional garage door technicians mandate regular inspection of all the parts of the garage door. In fact, they recommend checking for damages and other issues at least once every month.

If any of the components of the door is not working properly, then you need to repair or replace it as fast as possible, because using a damaged garage door can lead to many accidents. Below are a few signs that indicate that you need to make a few repairs to your garage door.

The Garage Door Will Not Open or Close

This is one of the most common garage door issues reported by homeowners. Even though this is a frustrating and annoying issue, it can be easily fixed with minor repairs in most cases. This garage door issue usually happens when the photo eye sensors in the garage door start malfunctioning either due to some technical errors or due to dirt or grime buildup. So, you need to check the garage door sensors carefully and then decide if it needs a simple cleanup, some repairing, or replacing the unit altogether.

Sometimes, this issue can also occur when there is something wrong with the rotor and chain unit of the garage door, where at times, it can be the garage door springs or the belt and rollers causing the problem. All these parts are mechanically arranged to make the garage door work properly, so it is better to consult an experienced technician to find and fix the problem as soon as possible.

Squealing and Squeaking Garage Door

Slight squeaking and squealing of garage doors is not a big issue, and there is nothing to worry about that. The issue might be due to the scraping of two parts of the door; but if you do not resolve the issue immediately, then you will probably need to make costly repairs in the near future. It is true that most garage doors last for a very long period of time. However, friction in the garage door parts can lead to serious damages and might leave the door useless.

The tiny squeals and squeaks of your garage door can be easily fixed by applying a lubricant. However, if you are able to hear loud vibrations and noise, then some of the parts of your door will be rubbing against each other and generating excess friction. In such a scenario, garage door repair technicians will advise you to replace the door instead of repairing it.