Garage door springs are an important part of the garage door since they are used to the open and close a garage door. But, most of the times they are not given much importance despite the fact that they provide support to the entire garage door and lifts a door which weighs probably more than 300 pounds. Since they are under so much of pressure they can gradually break but there is nothing to worry about since they can be repaired.

Even though garage door springs are repairable and you can do it yourself, they are dangerous to work on that is why for a person who is not a professional in this, it is not a safe task and DYI is not advisable. Therefore it is better to find a good Garage door repair service to get it fixed.

There are mainly two types of garage door springs, one is torsion and the other one is extension springs. Torsion springs are above the garage door and extension springs are attached along the sides of the garage door.

Not necessary that problem with the garage door springs means that they are broken, at times they will just make lot of noises or its just whining. This might not be a big trouble and just applying some garage door lubricant can do the work.

Also, there are chances of the springs getting imbalanced. If the springs are out of balance you might not be able to raise or lower the door smoothly as you used to.

A garage door also needs to have safety cables since they help to control the springs if they are broken. These safety cables are installed with the extension springs.

Be it any kind of repair, replacement or installation, finding the best Garage door repair service is important. Make sure the service provider you are going to choose has a reputation is known for its quality services.

Also another important task which you must do is, even if DYI is not recommended and you are hiring a professional still you must gather all the required information related to the garage door springs before the technician arrives at your place so that you can be vigilant towards the work he is doing.

After all smooth functioning of a garage door is a matter of your convenience, safety and security.