Considering the number of times you deal with the petty issues of the garage door, wouldn’t it be wise to let the experts do the job? Welcome to a company that is licensed and registered with more than 30 years in business of Garage Door Maintenance in Newport Beach. When it comes to garage doors and their repairs, services, maintenance and installation, customers trust us for our experience and versatility. We are the only company that owns its team of expert and experienced technicians, each of whom are insured and licensed for the job they undertake.

For Garage Door Maintenance in Irvine, we have the best technicians who are available on a single call. Whenever there is any emergency or need for an inspection, we are the sole service providers for the entire region to cater customers on 24 hours basis. We understand your concerns, and therefore, there is a standard 25 points inspection card that our technicians have for checking the garage door. We strongly believe and recommend regular maintenance and checking because that’s the best way to save a lot of the repairs and replacement costs, which are mostly due to negligence.

We are open on holidays, Easter and Christmas, and our warehouses are located in different parts, so that we can find the nearest technician with ease. Generally, most calls are attended and completed in less than a couple of hours, unless of course, there is a need for replacement, which can take time depending on parts or brand under consideration. Do you have a question or need an estimate for the contracts and jobs? We are open to that and everything else you have a doubt about! Call the experts today for a free estimate, and we will be happy to do a quick check to make recommendations!