Garage rollers are an important part of garage doors, and as you might have guessed, these rollers help in easy up and down movement of the garage door. Typically, four different types of rollers are used on garage doors. Although all types of garage door rollers will have steel stems and wheels will be attached to one end of the roller, the material used to make the wheels make them different.

Wheels can be made from plastic, steel, or polymer materials. Usually, plastic wheels do not make use of ball bearings for movement, whereas steel wheels can work with or without ball bearings. Ploy-constructed wheels, on the other hand, always make use of a ball bearing system to ensure proper movement.

Ploy-constructed wheels are like the roller blade wheels or skateboard wheels, and are made from the same poly material as that used to make skateboard wheels. If your garage door rollers make use of ball bearings, you will be able to see them and the rollers will need lubrication at least once in a year for proper and silent functioning.

Choosing Garage Door Rollers

Many garage door rollers are available in the market these days that do not make use of ball bearings. Though they might be cheaper sometimes, these rollers deteriorate faster than the ones using ball bearings.

Plastic rollers tend to break with age and usage. Rolling systems that make use of plastic rollers in steel track is not healthy for the garage door functioning, as the metal will wear the plastic down soon. Moreover, the plastic wheel will get smaller and may pop out of the steel track, leading to issues with functionality of the garage door.

The best way to avoid this problem is make use of steel rollers in a steel track. Rollers made from steel will not wear away due to continuous use, but rollers with steel wheels and no built-in bearings may come apart from the stem. You can find this when the wheel looks crooked while the garage door is up.

Experts say that poly wheels with ball bearings are the best wheels for garage doors. This is because the ball bearing gives more life to the roller and the poly wheels rolls in steel tracks without making any noise. As they are reasonably priced, this is a win-win situation for the customer and they will be happy with the sturdy and quiet garage door.