It is of significantly importance to install safety sensors for your automated garage door. Garage door sensors play a key role in maintaining your safety and eliminate the chances of injuries and accidents. However, if you encounter any garage door sensor related problems, it is wiser to contact professionals who deal with garage door sensors Orange County rather than trying to fix the issue yourself.

Garage Doors in My Area would conduct a careful and thorough inspection of your garage door sensors and fix all garage problems in it, ensuring your safety from potential threats. As we have years of experience in handling issues with garage door sensors in Orange County and neighboring areas, you can rely on us for the best garage door repair service.

Common Reasons of Garage Door Sensor Malfunctions

The most important thing to keep in mind while installing safety sensors in your garage door is to hire a professional garage door repair service. By hiring the best garage door repair service in Orange County, you can ensure that the safety sensors are properly attached in your garage door and are not vulnerable to damages.

If you accidently move your garage door sensors, then there are chances for the alignment between the sensors to change, and eventually the sensors might not face each other. When this happens, you will find it impossible to close your door. In fact, this is one of the most reported garage door sensor problems in Orange County.

However, this issue can be easily solved by contacting Garage Doors in My Area. Our expert team will place the garage door sensors back in its original position, and ensure that both the sensors are properly aligned.

Garage Door Sensors Inspection

It is important to perform regular inspection of your garage door safety sensors and make sure that there are no issues within the equipment. As many people tend to keep their garbage can and other gardening tools near the garage door, they could accidently block the sensor signal and make it inactive. However, if there is any technical issue leading to the malfunctioning of the garage door, it is recommended to contact Garage Doors in My Area – the best garage door repair service in Orange County, and effectively eliminate the involved risks.

Our experienced team not only resolves garage door sensor issues in the most acceptable manner, we also perform regular inspections and offer the required garage door maintenance services to ensure proper functioning of your garage door. Call us now!