Smart garage doors are a huge hit, but there is a good chance you never give thought to the one installed in your home. This probably goes to show that the thing has been as useful as Alfred is to Batman, which means a lot. When someone does ask about the benefits of having it, you would (or should) probably tell them the following four.

Enhanced Safety

User error is among the biggest problems with garage doors, and with over 70% of people entering their homes through the garage, this poses a lot of problems. The main issue is that sometimes even a slight mistake on the homeowner’s part could put their family and possessions at risk. A smart garage door equipped with geofencing capabilities can easily solve this by closing the door afterwards. This would happen even if you left without locking the garage door.

Garage Door Alerts

Alerts can be a great way to stay appraised on the safety status of your garage and home. A smart garage door could be programmed to send you an SMS alert each time that the garage door opens when you are outside. Advanced security systems could even show you a picture of the person that opened it. This allows ensuring that loved ones get home safely, and that no one breaks in while you are away.

Controlled Access

One of the best features of smart garage doors is that they let the owners open them remotely. Then there is also the option of setting up access codes, which people besides you could use. Anyone with the right code (family, friends, or neighbors) could let themselves in, and you would not need to be there at the time. This also helps if you lose the physical keys and the front doors will not open.

Trigger Function

Smart garage doors can be connected to all sorts of electronics, which allows the door to open automatically when you approach. Geofencing allows tracking your proximity, which would trigger the door opening, the light coming on in the garage, the temperature adjusting, and other programmable things happening in the way you prefer. After you leave, the doors are triggered to lock, and the security system is armed once again.

These are just some of the benefits of installing a smart garage door with geofencing features. Any decent garage door installation crew could tell you what to expect from each model they are offering, as well as how often you would have the need of garage door repair.