Different Types of Hinges for your Garage Door

Different varieties of garage door hinges are available in hardware stores and you should buy hinges depending on how the hinge is used. If you are unable to find the right type of hinge to be used in your garage door, you can seek the help of professionals who have abundant experience in installing and replacing garage door hinges Newport Beach. Some of the most popular garage door hinges are explained below.

Bi-Fold Hinges

These are two hinges of different lengths that allow doors to be opened in the same or both directions. These hinges have multiple pivot points to offer stronger swing with better degrees of travel.

Butt Hinges

These hinges are six inches in length or shorter, and are also used on garage door panels. The hinge has two rectangular metal plates with screw holes, and the metal plates are joined by a rod or a pin. This type of hinges are usually used in multiples and they are mostly made from steel.

Case Hinges

These are similar to Butt Hinges, but are usually more decorative, and are often chosen for giving the garage door an aesthetic appeal. However, these hinges are not so strong and are not suitable for heavy garage doors.

Piano Hinges

Piano Hinges are also called as continuous hinges, as the hinge runs the entire length of the panel or the door. Piano hinges are available in different thickness, knuckle lengths, and pin diameters. Moreover, these hinges are available with or without screw holes.

Invisible Hinges

These hinges are also called as concealed hinges, as you will be able to see only the surface of the garage door, and not the hinge, when the door is closed. Invisible hinges are usually used in wooden type garage doors.

Slip Joint Hinges

These are also called Take Apart Hinges, and are used when easy and quick door removal is necessary. Slip Joint Hinges are ideal when the garage door needs to be removed frequently. This hinge has male leaf and a female leaf that has no pin and can be configured either left handed or right handed.

T Hinges

This type of hinges is shaped like the letter T, and is commonly used on gates. They are available in different styles, although usually, the hinge has a narrow leaf and a wide leaf.

These are the different types of hinges that are commonly used in garage doors. If you plan to replace the hinge of your garage door, get in touch with the best garage door repair service Newport Beach for the task.