The perfect garage door is vital to enhance curb appeal and has a key role to play in the value and appearance of your home.  The garage door is a large working element of your home and sometimes its most prominent feature.

Therefore, it is important to choose the right garage door for your home. Design experts calculate that a replacement project for your garage door results in return of almost 85% of investment. It is one of the best home improvement projects whose cost can be recouped while reselling the home.

  • Cost of Door: A new garage door will cost much less than the value it adds to your home. A standard door in steel or wood will set you back by $550-$1500 for a single door and $850- $2500 for a double door. But the costs can zoom up to around $10,000 if you are looking for a solid aluminum door or one that is customized in exotic wood.
  • Types of Garage Doors:  There are various types of garage doors available in the market. The following are types of garage doors you may choose from:
  • Roller garage doors: They are an ideal option for garages having problems with space or homes with short or narrow drive ways. These doors are fashioned out of narrow strips of aluminum that swathe around a drum placed above the door opening. This door is often operated using a remote control and this implies that you need not leave the car to open the door.
  • Sectional doors: These doors are divided into large sections along the door breadth. The segments of the door open aloft into the garage’s ceiling space. Since the door remains in the frame, it is of no importance whether the size of drive way is large or small.
  • Up and Over doors: Like the name suggests, up and over doors swing first facing the drive way and then turn upwards. It is aligned to the garage ceiling once it is completely open. But the catch is that these doors need some space for swinging and opening. Therefore, they are suitable for garages with long drive ways.
  • Swing hung doors:  these are similar to traditional doors which are hinged to the doors opening.  Naturally these doors require space in front to swing open. Hence, these are not usually recommended for short or narrow driveways.
  • Repair: There are many companies, even online, which offer garage door repair service. Do some online research to identify the company that offers the best garage door service all round the year.

If you are not sure which type of garage door will fit your needs, you can always take an expert advice so as to get maximum value of your investment.