Things to Remember while Replacing Garage Door Springs

You may need to replace garage door springs for many reasons. Whatever the reason be, replacing garage door may be essential for the proper working of garage doors. Garage door springs are necessary for your garage door to work normally, and these springs may break due to wear and tear caused by repeated use. Garage door springs Costa Mesa technicians share some important things that you should understand about the garage door springs.

How Garage Door Springs Break

Springs are part of the garage door itself and these components make it easy to raise and lower the garage door. Garage door springs usually last for a long time and they do only one job; but with time, all the lifting weakens the metal, leading to a break and malfunction of the garage door.

Good quality garage door springs will offer you long years of service, and it will be hard for you to complain when the springs finally break down. However, when the spring is broken, you will not be able to open the garage door.

Do It Yourself or Not?

You may be a Do It Yourself guy, but never try to replace or repair a broken garage door spring on your own, as it is very dangerous. As the garage door springs are under enormous tension, a small slip can lead to serious injury. So it would be better to get in touch with a garage door repair expert for help.

Usually, there are two types of springs used in garage doors: Extension springs and Torsion springs. Extension springs are placed above tracks on both the sides, one on each side, whereas Torsion springs are located above the garage door opening. It is much difficult to remove and replace Torsion springs.

Risk of accidents is not the only reason to allow a professional technician to replace the garage door spring. It will be difficult for you to figure the size of the replacement spring to buy and even if you have found the size of the spring, you will have trouble locating a retailer to buy the springs as many of the retailers will not sell springs to an amateur.

As said, it is always better to seek help from the best garage door repair service Costa Mesa, as they have the right expertise to find and fix the problem with your garage door springs.