Most homeowners prefer to care about their garage door only when it breaks or operates improperly. If you are one among them, it is high time you realize that all parts of your garage door, such as the sensors and springs, need regular inspection and maintenance.

In fact, garage door springs are one of the most important units of your garage door and any issue or defect to this component may result in malfunctioning of the door, property damage, and even personal injury. So, you should regularly get in touch with the experts who deal with garage door springs Garden Grove and ensure that your garage door springs are working flawlessly because it will help you avoid serious troubles in the future.

If you are planning to replace your older or damaged garage door springs, then seek the help of an expert technician to do the job, instead of doing it on your own. There are plenty of options available in the market when it comes to garage door springs. However, two of the most popular types of garage door springs are torsion and extension springs.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are located on top of the upper horizontal tracks on either side of your garage door. These springs extend to offer counterbalancing forces to support the garage door. Most of the modern extension springs used in garage doors are paired with safety cables. These safety cables prevent the spring from becoming a projectile when the bottom bracket, cable, or spring fails.

Torsion Springs

When extension springs stretch or extend to maintain the regular working of a garage door, torsions springs raise garage door with the help of torsion conversion. These types of garage door springs are attached on top the garage opening. As torsion springs of different lengths and wire sizes are available aplenty in the market, you should do a little research to find the right torsion springs that match with your garage door.

Note that extension springs have more exposed parts, which makes them a little bit more dangerous than torsion springs. If you are not able to decide whether to settle for torsion springs or to buy extension springs, schedule a visit to the best garage door repair service Garden Grove because they will be able to help you figure out which one would be the best for your garage door.