Garage door springs Huntington Beach

For most of the people, the garage doors are the most used entrance in their entire household. Despite that fact it is usually one of the most ignored parts of the house. Most of the time it is given little attention before it breaks down or does not work properly. Most of the garage doors consist of more than three hundred intricate parts that make it work in perfect harmony. So if you find that your garage door is not working properly then it could be because of many reasons. So make sure to call a professional to assess the situation and find out what is wrong.

From years of experience, we have found out that in most cases the garage door springs malfunction which causes problems in the garage door. If you find that the case so then doesn’t even try to handle it yourself as it can be very dangerous. There are lots of intricate parts involved and chances are rather than fixing it you will probably make the situation worse. The garage doors are huge and very heavy. So don’t risk hurting yourself. Call us as we provide the best garage door springs in Huntington Beach and you can blindly trust our expertise.

Garage doors have two different types of springs working to create the motion. Torsion springs are attached above the garage door when it’s closed and extension springs are on the upper tracks at the sides of the door. The springs on a garage doors are very tightly wound to create enough tension to lift the heavy door. Both of the springs can break and when it does its very dangerous. If this spring break these snap with a great force and can cause serious injury to anybody standing nearby. If you are trying to fix or replace this springs yourself then you are at great risk.

You should do a minimum level assessment before calling a professional. If you find that the springs are noisy or squeaky then chances are it just needs to be lubricated. This is not that much risky as you do not touch the springs while lubricating them. If silicone lubricant doesn’t fix the problem then that indicates that you have a more serious problem and it is time to call the professionals and get help.

If your springs are not fixed even after lubrication that means they need to be replaced. Replacing the springs in your garage door is not a do it yourself project. I repeat it’s just not a do it yourself project. Garage doors usually weigh around 500 pounds and these springs have lifted all these weight for years. I hope you understand form this that how much strength and tension is there in those springs. One wrong move and the springs can come whipping towards you and cause serious, even fatal injury. This risk is not worth taking as your life is way too precious. A professional has the right tools, right experience and he knows how to handle these. So call us and get the right expert and the best service and let us help you in getting your garage door fixed.