The holiday season is already knocking at the door, so it is time to roll into the spirit of joy and happiness. While most people love to decorate their home interiors during the holidays, some of them skip the biggest part of the exterior of their home – the garage door. In fact, the garage door can be a perfect canvas to paint your imagination and bring in the festive mood to your home. Below are 3 easy ways to decorate your garage door this holiday season.

Go for the Optical Delights

One of the most easiest ways to beautify any space in a home, be it the interior or on the outside, is by using light decorations. With modern innovations in that area, you have a lot of options to choose from in home light decoration ideas and illuminate the garage space with bright and colorful designs. You can even go for projection lights and let your garage door be the screen. To add to the delight, project a few images of your kids or loved ones on the screen.

Throw in Some Magnetic Decorations

This decoration idea works the best for garage doors made of steel or aluminum. Even if yours is made of wood or fiberglass, you can have metallic frames around the garage door to add in some magnetic decorations. There are loads of choices in magnetic garage door decorations these days, which make the task even more simpler. What’s more, such decorations do not leave any kind of marks on the garage door, and you can simply take them off after the holidays.

Use Fixed Cling Decorations

It is seen that some people stay away from decorating their garage door for the fear that it could damage the door. Yet if you used fixed cling ornaments, those will never leave any marks or dent on the garage door. Such type of decorations work on all types of material too, so you can use them on your garage door no matter if it is metal, wood, or fiberglass. Besides, these decorations do not interfere with the functioning of the garage door in any way.

Note that it is better to use the ornaments and garlands on the frame of the garage door and not the entire door. You can also add a temporary frame to the garage door made of wooden pallets or boards and hang in the lights and small plants on it.