An automatic garage door is a norm these days for most homes. If you had to pick a garage door for your home, and a motorized one happened to fit in your budget, chances are you would prefer it to a manual door. Below is a rundown of the main befits the former offers over the latter.


An automatic garage door is nothing but convenient. You could drive up, hit a button on the remote, and stay in the car while the door opened to let your vehicle in. After that, it could be closed with any button push. Do not leave the kids or pet in the car while you labored to open the garage door.


Your garage is a point of entry into your home, and as such, its security is paramount. Automatic doors these days come with security-enhancing features, like rolling codes. Another feature, the vacation mode, lets you disable the remote so that the garage door cannot be opened from the outside. That means no burglar gets in from the driveway.


Automatic garage doors do not endanger people by carrying the possibility of crashing down on them. They are sturdily held up to ensure personal safety, especially for people with arthritis, and small kids.

Low Energy Use

Automatic garage doors have highly advanced openers, but these require very little power to run. Not only do they relieve you of the need to move a cumbersome door out of the way, they do it using a very low amount of power each time. This makes them exceedingly cost-effective as well as more eco-friendly.


Garage door openers sold today usually come with several features and facilities geared towards convenience. Some can be controlled using phone apps, for instance, which means you can have your garage door open or close no matter where you are.


Automatic garage doors work with openers which require almost minimal maintenance, unless some serious damage happens of course. As long as you limit your use to within manufacturer’s recommendations, you could minimize the need for garage door repair, and have the door work effectively whenever you need it to.


Automatic garage doors rarely cost as much as most people like to think they do. While they cost more than manual doors, they deliver exceptional value, and require just a bit more expertise at the time of garage door installation.