fix garage door problems

Garage doors can be incredibly attractive parts of your home’s exterior. Garage doors make up almost half of the outside of all modern homes. Every year, there are thousands of injuries related to garage doors that could have otherwise been prevented. The cause of these injuries is either due to neglect of proper maintenance, faulty components, or improper use of the opener system. 

Fortunately, there are common issues that many homeowners experience with garage doors that can be inspected and diagnosed relatively easily. Those five ways to inspect your garage door are as follows. 

Broken Garage Door Remote 

The garage door remote is one of the more common issues that homeowners experience when it comes to problems with opening it. If your remote isn’t working, be sure to check the battery is installed properly and replace it if necessary. 

Rust Formation

Rust forms on your garage door when the many metal components are exposed to water and air over long periods. Rust formation gradually reduces your door’s capability of keeping the elements out of your garage. Not only that, rust forming on your garage door is unbecoming and can eventually be an eyesore. 

To remove the rust, clean the parts of the door with dishwashing soap and water. After you’ve cleaned it, take a cloth soaked in vinegar and rub it over the rust. This might need to be repeated multiple times, depending on how bad the rust formation is on your garage door. Once the rust is removed with the vinegar, we recommend giving the door a fresh coat of primer and paint to keep it looking its best. 

Door Only Opens Slightly Then Closes 

This issue is usually due to the garage door springs needing to be replaced at the top of the door. It is also possible that you have an issue with the lens of the safety mechanisms that come on all modern garage doors. If this is the case, consult your owner’s manual for instructions on how to properly align the safety lens so your door functions properly. 

Gaps or Cracks on the Door Itself 

Gaps and cracks on the door can form due to inclement weather. These cracks will worsen if not properly addressed, so it is recommended that a waterproof filler be applied so the crack is reinforced and secured. If you’ve applied sealant previously we recommend removing it and reapplying. 

Noises Occurring When Opening Door

Opener systems that make noises or won’t open are often due to a lack of lubrication either on the chain or the drive screw. Applying lubrication will reduce friction and often get rid of the noises. 

Don’t Hesitate to Contact the Experts 

While the above steps to inspect and possibly address issues with your garage door might come in handy for a quick fix, issues are often deeper. If this is the case, we recommend against attempting to do it yourself – this can be dangerous and costly. 

The experts at Garage Door in My Area will properly inspect and diagnose the problem with your door first, and then provide clear communication with what needs to be done to fix it. To schedule a socially-distanced, safe appointment or to ask any questions, feel free to fill out the form here on our website or give us a call today.