How Does a Garage Door Sensor Work

The Federal government has mandated businesses that manufacture garage door sensors to integrate safety measures and devices in order to prevent accidents. As the law was implemented in 1990, many of the garage door and spare parts manufacturers have implemented advanced garage door sensors to comply with the Federal regulations.

Garage doors sensors are very common, but many of us do not know how they work to ensure our safety. Garage door sensor Fountain Valley manufacturers implement photo eyes to be used with the opening mechanism of the garage door. The main function of the photo eye is to make sure that nothing is blocking the path of the garage door when the door is closing.

For the garage door to continue closing, the photo eyes should “see each other.” There will be two parts for the photo eye mechanism, one of which emits infrared rays and the other receives it. For the garage door to close properly, the infrared beam that connects the photo eyes should not break. If the infrared beam is interrupted, the garage door will stop closing and will reverse its motion to open the garage.

Functions of a Garage Door Sensor 

Garage doors can be opened with a remote control. Pressing the remote control will activate the motorized trolley to open the door. Usually, garage doors can be opened by pressing the wall mount button or the remote control button. When the infrared signal from the remote control reaches the garage door opener, it will activate the electric motor. This motor will engage a track and pulley mechanism that opens or close the door.

Normally, the IR sensors for the garage door opening mechanism will be placed on both sides of the door, about two inches off the ground level. If the sensor is malfunctioning for some reason, you can understand it easily, as one of the sensor lights will blink.

The malfunctioning may be caused by any obstructions in the garage doorway, due to the accumulation of dust and debris on the sensors, or due to alignment issues of the sensors. Whatever the reason for the malfunctioning of your garage door sensors be, the best garage door repair service Fountain Valley technicians can fix the issue effectively.