Garage door openers are very popular since its invention in the 1920’s, and are readily available at retail hardware stores. You can even buy garage door openers online and get them delivered to your door. However, you may not think about your garage door opener unless you hear loud sounds or find it difficult to use the door.

Over the years, the mechanism and efficiency of garage doors have improved a lot, and the best improvements are made in noise reduction and safety. Garage door openers used to be very clunky and noisy earlier, but things have changed a lot now. The latest openers are very smooth and silent, as well as easy to install and use.

Selecting the Best Garage Door Opener

The best garage door opener would be the one that you install and then totally forget about it, which would be possible if it offered years and years of maintenance-free service. However, not all of the garage door opener types are the same and work in the same manner. Below are the three basic things to consider while choosing a garage door opener.


Most of the standard aluminum sectional door garages need only a half horse power motor. This opener is capable of opening standard seven-foot door and you can get extension kits if your door is taller. The best openers are forward looking and they can seamlessly integrate to the automation system of your home. Some of the garage door openers available in the market also offer features like timer to close the door automatically and backup power source.


We know that garage doors are heavy enough to cause serious injuries, so safety is an important concern while looking for garage door openers. The opener should have the ability to reverse itself, if it finds that something is blocking the door from closing. It will be good if the door has a motion sensor to find if your pet or child is moving in or out of the garage when the door is closing.


Your garage not only secures your vehicles and things stored in it, but also offers an indirect access to your house. For this reason, the door opener should also have good security features to prevent any unauthorized access when you are not at home.

These are some of the important things, which you need to consider while looking for garage door openers. If you are not sure of the model to buy, get in touch with our experts for advice on garage door installation service and garage door opener repair.