Garage doors come in the form of overhead doors, which are installed using hinged panels that rolls into the ceilings with the assistance of a spring. Just like purchasing most kinds of products for the home, even shopping for garage doors involve a decision making the process for the homeowners part. In fact, garage doors can be bought in distinct material types.

The aspects that consumers often rely on while choosing the best doors for their garage include the climate, price of the door material, home décor, or other specialized requirements. If you are looking for cheap and durable doors for your home garage, you can choose steel or aluminum doors. However, they can also be made of other materials such as wood, vinyl, and fiberglass.

Aluminum doors for the garage will resist external damage on the surface like corrosion due to inclement weather or excess moisture since they are protected by aluminum oxide. They are affordable to buy as well, but may not be as appealing to look at as some of the metal counterparts like steel doors do.

What’s more, you can paint steel garage doors to match the décor of your home. The only downside of metal doors is that they may dent just like the less costly and lightweight aluminum garage doors. Moreover, steel doors might start to rust after a couple of years if proper maintenance steps are not taken.

Another popular choice for garage doors is wood, which can be of materials like reclaimed barn wood, the wood used in carriage houses, or panel doors used interiors. Wood is generally considered as an expensive material when compared to steel and aluminum, and needs constant painting and refinishing to maintain its appeal. Still, wooden garage doors are more durable than aluminum and steel and offer top insulation to the garage space interiors.

The downside of wooden garage doors is that they are subject to fire damage no matter how rare that may seem in the garage. Additionally, as they are quite expensive, some homeowners go for garage doors made of hardwood to cut down the costs.

Apart from aluminum, steel, and wood, garage doors made of vinyl have also found increasing interests in the market in the recent days. Durable vinyl is a popular choice for sidings at homes and interiors, and because they can be painted easily in a way that matches the curb appeal of the home, homeowners choose vinyl for aesthetics.

Fiberglass is ideal if you need sectional overhead doors, something that you can install with the help of garage door technicians. Fiberglass won’t rust easily due to exposure to salty air and hence they are widely preferred in coastal areas.