For most people, it is not always possible to be paying top dollar each time they replace parts and fixtures in their homes. This includes the garage door as well, and to a certain extent, a homeowner would be justified in cutting garage door installation costs. It is not uncommon for the garage door to be relegated to the bottom when deciding renovation and upgrade priorities, but this is discouraged by a simple fact: the garage door is an important defensive component against home invasions.

What Attracts Thieves

Home burglaries mostly happen after a thief spots a house they could quickly and easily break into. For a burglar, it works best if he or she can grab something valuable, and get out without being seen or caught on camera. For this reason, almost every housebreaker prefers an “easy hit”, and with a cheap or dysfunctional garage door, your home could become exactly that. This door is the most common place that burglars use to break in, after the back door.

Using a Coat Hanger

One of the simpler ways criminals like to get into a home is by slipping a coat hanger through the garage door’s top panel, and then hooking it through the emergency release cord. After disconnecting the latter from the door, they are faced with little resistance to entering the likely empty home. Some people have even put up YouTube videos showing how this could be done – free videos that anyone with an internet connection could watch, learn, and follow. It is safe to bet there are plenty of would-be thieves that fancy themselves as Danny Ocean, and decide to “practice”. The best deterrent is making sure your garage door is top of the line, and fitted with the finest garage door repair parts. That way, you can set it up to stop such shenanigans from bearing fruit.

Hacking Cheap Remote Openers

The seals on your garage door are far from the only security risk it could serve up; the remote opener could be a proverbial weak link as well, because a burglar with sufficient know-how could hack it. There is even a texting toy, which can be set to cycle through the possible opening codes. With an antenna attached, it can broadcast different signals, until the right one trips your garage door’s locks. All of this would take under a minute, which means every time the house is left empty of people, someone with this idea could try to break in.