There will be few pieces of equipment in your home, that are as large or heavy as the garage door, not to mention as hard working. The garage door is put to use every day, and usually, more than once daily, which makes it a point of importance that it should be kept running properly and without any hitches. With the right horsepower setting for the garage door, you can ensure its proper functioning. However, there are many things, which you will need to consider first, and only then, move on to the type of opener and motor to choose for your garage door.

Deciding How Much Horsepower you Need

Since the garage door is such an important piece of equipment, it is vital to consider the pros and cons of each component in it, so that you can be sure of getting the right door for your home as well as for your lifestyle. When in the market for garage door openers, you should weight the following factors.

  • The size and weight: Based on if your garage door is of the single or double type, as well as the material, which was used to make it, the weight can differ. It can be very light or extremely heavy, or anywhere in between. A single horsepower setting will not work with every kind of weight, meaning that some motors will not have the required power for operating a heavy door.
  • How long the opener will last: It may seem like the best idea to get a motor with a lower horsepower because it is cheaper, and then replacing it after it wears off in a short span of time. While this option suits many, others prefer buying a high-functioning motor, which will last for many years. When you get down to it, this is a matter of personal choice, and if you are okay with getting replacement every now and then, there is nothing wrong with that.
  • Other parts of the door: The opener and the horsepower are not the only things to be looking at. You will need a fully functioning door, which means keeping watch over its different components, such as the springs, cables, and tracks. You will also need to know the cost of most of the garage door repair parts. The balance of the door will also need checking every once in a while, so that the weight stays just below what your opener is able to handle.