Winter is coming and it is important to ensure that the weather seals of your garage door are serving the cause. As winter is the time when rodents hibernate, they will search for warm places for that, like your garage. Without proper weather sealing, you won’t be able to keep these rodents from getting inside your home.

You should inspect the weather seals of your garage door for wear and tear and if you find that it is damaged, get it replaced by an expert garage door weather seals Newport Beach technician. Let us see what a garage door weather seal is and how it helps to keep cold air and rodents out of your home.

Garage Door Weather Seals

Weather seals are barriers that keep cold and heat out of the garages, keeping the temperature inside at the optimum level. There are two different types of garage door weather seals in Newport Beach:

  • Top and Side – These weather seals are strips that help to close any gap between the doorjamb and the garage door when it is closed.
  • Bottom Boot – Bottom boot weather strips are used to seal the bottom part of the garage door against the concrete when the door is closed. At times, the floor may not be perfectly flat and it is necessary to use a bottom boot garage door weather seal to ensure proper closure of the foot.

Both these types of garage door weather seals are available in different shapes and sizes and it is very important to use the proper sized one for your garage door to ensure perfect closure of the door.

Importance of Weather Seals

Sealing the gaps between garage door, floor, and doorjamb has many benefits. For one, if you use your garage space for hosting parties, keeping the weather seal in proper condition will keep the unwanted cold or hot air out. This will in turn help you save on your energy bills.

Apart from keeping heat and cold, weather seals also keep rain and water out of your garage. Moreover, proper sealing of garage door will ensure that you do not have any unwanted guests like rodents and bugs.

Proper weather sealing of your garages is a must, no matter which type of garage door you have installed. If you find that your garage is not properly weather proof, get it inspected by the best garage door repair service in Newport Beach. As the fall season is almost over, you need to install proper garage door weather seals as soon as possible.