Garage doors are available in different varieties and materials such as steel, aluminum, wood, glass, and fiberglass. Regardless of the type of material used in the construction of the garage door, they will need proper weather stripping to keep out the elements from entering the garage. Properly sealed garage doors will keep out water, insects, leaves, rodents, and debris from entering the garage space. In addition to that, if the area is cooled or heated, you will have substantial financial savings if the weather seals of your garage are installed properly.

It is important to prevent moisture from entering the garage. If moisture gets under the garage door, it can lead to rusting of cables, rollers, bottom bracket, and the door track. As garage door materials can be insulated or non-insulated, you will need to ensure that your garage door is sealed properly to reduce the maintenance costs. You can have best quality weather seals for your door from garage door weather seals Santa Ana stores and seek the help of garage door repair technicians to install them properly.

There are mainly four areas of a garage door, that need proper weather sealing. These are the top and bottom areas of the garage door, and both the sides of the door. The side and top seals of a garage door are commonly referred to as garage door weather seal molding, door weather stripping, garage door stop molding, garage door trim molding, garage door seal, door weather stripping, or garage door trim.

Typically, the side and top seals will be nailed to the doorjamb, and will have a vinyl flap molded to PVC area that folds on to the sealing between the doorjamb and the door. The portion of the sealing that is nailed to the jamb is made from PVC, as it is a much durable product and will not wear out that easily. What’s more, garage door weather seals Santa Ana stores offer it in a variety of colors.

Usually, the top weather seal is installed first and then the sides are measured to cut the seal and install in place. It will be a good idea to seek help from the best garage door repair service Santa Ana technician to install the weather seals, as proper installation is essential to ensure the long life of these seals. Remember, trying to install any garage door part without proper knowledge of the same can result in damaging the garage door as well as personal injuries.