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Garage Door Repair Services

We are here to help you for any type of garage door trouble, be it residential, sectional, commercial, roll up garages or one piece garages, we handle it all. Call us today on (855)553-3667 for more information

Garage door springs Huntington BeachBroken Spring Repair and Replacement

The garage door springs of your door play an integral part in holding your garage door, hence there is a lot of tension that goes onto the springs which is why one needs to be careful and call a professional in order to repair anything that may be going on with it.

There are two types of Garage Door Spring:

  • Torsion Springs: These are located in the center of the garage door, above the head
  • Extension Spring: The are attached to the tracks of the Garage, on both sides of the door

Our garage door technicians in Huntington Beach maintain an inventory of all types of garage door springs, so we come prepared in order to help get your garage door fixed quickly!

Garage door repairAutomatic Garage Opener Repair and Installation

In today’s modern world, there are a variety of motor type doors in the market. One of the best brands is the Liftmaster garage door opener. Our garage technicians specialize in all types of garage door opener installations and can point out the garage opener failures associated to them while fixing it. Our Garden Grove professionals work with all types of garage door openers in order to help you get the right one that matches your needs.

garage cable spring repairSnapped Garage Cable Repair

Your garage door has cables on both sides of the door, which is what is being used when the garage door is being lifted. At times, the garage door cables can become detached from the pulleys on both sides, causing the spring to be broken, or objects getting stuck within the tracks. Call Garage Door in My Area and we will help fix your garage door cables in no time.


garage rollers installationGarage Door Off Track Repair

If you see that your garage door is off balance or tilted, it could be a sign that your garage door is off track, meaning that the wheel in the track popped out of place. This can be a serious issue, cause your garage door can end up falling off completely so it is best to take care of it as soon as possible.

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