The Problems of Having a Cheap Garage Door

For most people, it is not always possible to be paying top dollar each time they replace parts and fixtures in their homes. This includes the garage door as well, and to a certain extent, a homeowner would be justified in cutting garage door installation costs. It is not uncommon for the garage door to be relegated to the bottom when deciding reno ... Read more »

Tips for Soundproofing your Garage with an Insulated Garage Door

Say you just picked up a new guitar riff, and want to practice it so that you have it down to a T. However, the neighbors are complaining about the “noise”, which means you cannot use your amplifier inside the garage without causing trouble. Practicing in peace being the overriding goal, you could go the way of most smart audiophiles and mus ... Read more »

Staying Clear of Dodgy Garage Door Services

Garage door professionals are people trained to help you get the best out of a new or longtime garage door in your home. Many of them carry significant skills, knowledge, and equipment, which they use to genuinely help homeowners. Sadly though, there are also dodgy companies that send out unqualified subcontractors who commonly end up doing more ha ... Read more »

Reinforcement Struts and What They are Good for

Many double garage doors have reinforcement struts attached to them these days. You may have seen a U-shaped bar on a 16-foot wide door and wondered what it was. Well, that was most likely a reinforcement strut. Such struts are basic safety features, which strengthen the garage doors they are affixed to. The two main purposes of reinforcement st ... Read more »

What to Expect from Adding Windows to your Garage Door

Decorating your garage door is something you have probably been wanting to do for a long time, just the same as most homeowners that want to raise the curb appeal of their home. Come to think of it, a better look need not be all you get out of adding a few new attractive elements to this part of your home. Adding windows, for instance, can light up ... Read more »

The Safety of Glass Garage Doors

These days, more and more homeowners are moving towards contemporary architectural styles when it comes to their residences. This is not something new either; the trend has been here for over a decade, and is showing no signs of slowing down. Where garage doors are concerned, contemporary home designs often call for all-glass options, which though ... Read more »

The Benefits of a Backup Battery for your Garage Door Opener

Power outages can seriously upend life in any home. Your automatic garage doors are among the crucial components that can be affected when the electricity stops coming in. However, these days, you have the option of installing a backup battery to combat exactly this type of situation. That means the garage door can be operated when there is no powe ... Read more »

How to Properly Lubricate your Garage Door

One of the most annoying things to hear before you back out into your driveway in the morning is a creaking, squeaking, squealing, clicking, or groaning noise emanating from your garage door. Many people put up with this veritable ruckus, and justify this with not having “enough time” to look into it. However, it is imperative to maintain your ... Read more »