Torsion Conversion for Garage Doors

Torsion springs are an important part of your garage door that help in easy and smooth movement of the garage door. The garage door torsion conversion Newport Beach tips shared below will help you understand more on the type of springs used in garage door torsion conversion system.

There are two types of springs used in garage door torsion conversion systems: torsion springs and extension springs. Most of the garage door repair and service companies use torsion springs. Torsion springs and conversion systems are becoming much popular and they are a much better investment than the extension system. Extension springs will be used only on rare cases like very low headroom or inability to use a rear torsion spring.

Torsion Springs do not Extend Full

Torsion springs are not extended completely the way extension springs are when the garage door is opened or closed. Torsion springs only turn when the door is operated, whereas extension springs expand fully and this can lead to breaking of the springs. Moreover, torsion springs are more reliable and have more life when compared to extension springs.

Torsion Springs Allow Controlled Motion

Extension springs can lead to a jolting motion of the door and there can be much tension when you open the door for the first time. Although once the tension is gone, the door can move at much faster speeds. The jolting motion caused by extension springs can make the door misaligned and you may need frequent adjustments to align the door. When the door is out of alignment, it will lead to wear and tear to the door and other parts of the garage.

On the other hand, torsion springs keeps a steady and controlled motion of the door when it is opened or closed. Controlled motion will help you keep the garage door in proper balance for years.

Torsion Springs are Sturdier

It is true that torsion springs cost more than extension springs, but these springs last long and they will be economical in long run. For instance, let us assume that you open the garage door four times a day. If you were using a torsion spring, it would last for about seven years in such a situation. On the contrary, extension springs will last for only about four years under the same conditions.

These are some of the advantages of using torsion springs over extension springs. If you find that your garage door is malfunctioning, get help from best garage door repair service Newport Beach and fix the issue before things get worse.