A torsion spring system assists in supporting the weight of the garage door and offers seamless operation of the door. The system consists of a torsion tube or spring bar mounted on the garage door header that is located on the inside of the garage and the number of springs will depend on the weight of the door. The torsion spring can break due to continuous use and a broken torsion spring can prove to be an expensive repair if the entire torsion conversion system needs to be replaced.

When you call the best garage door repair service Santa Ana, the technician will ask you a few questions to confirm that the torsion spring is broken. Of course, in apparent cases where (a) you saw or heard the spring break, or (b) you didn’t see the spring break, but can see the separation of coils, you can be sure that the spring is broken.

If you just know that the garage door won’t open, the technician might help you locate the problem with the torsion system and spring. However, if the spring is located inside the torsion tube, it won’t be visible to you. Whatever the case be, a professional who deals with garage door torsion conversion Santa Ana will be able to fix the issues properly.

If the torsion conversion system of your garage door is Wayne Dalton, the springs can be enclosed inside the torsion tube and the entire system needs to be dismantled to access the springs. Wayne Dalton systems were discontinued a few years ago, and so, most of them cannot be repaired. They can only be replaced, which makes it an expensive work. The cost can go from 250 dollars to 450 dollars and the rise in charge is not just due to the larger labor, but also due to the price of the new torsion parts.

In the case of a standard spring replacement, the end bearings on a side are removed, the broken torsion spring is removed, and the new spring is put in place. However, in the case of Wayne Dalton, everything like the end bearing plates, fasteners, drums, and the brackets are needed to be removed and replaced, in addition to the torsion springs. This makes the work a much expensive one.